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Our Vision

We intend to provide our partners and users with the best web browsing extension experience from beginning to end, with a smart, easy-to-use, creative and innovative technologies.

Intelligent Technology

One of the main focus of our Intelligent Technology is to offer a safe internet search extension with a solid, familiar structure, providing an intuitive user experience. The installation and implementation process is very easy to set up for both distributors and for the end user.


With our vast and varied knowledge in the world of technological extensions, we have all the tools to help you monetize your Chrome and Firefox browser add-ons with a direct Search Feed.

Our Products

Join our distributors that use our products’ solutions to grow their businesses.

Browser Add-ons & Extensions

Take advantage of our direct search feed monetization connections and enhance
your extensions’ revenue with our advanced integrations and partner relations.

Advanced data platform

We believe that an excellent data system can lead to success. Keep track of your revenue
with an advanced data platform and analytics systems.


We are always looking to grow our partnerships and learn about new developments in the world of extensions. If you are interested in the opportunity to partner up, you are welcome to contact us.

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